About The Wedding Singer

It’s 1985. Hair is big, collars are up, and a Wedding Singer is the coolest guy in the room.

Based on the smash-hit Hollywood movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, comes a hilarious musical comedy that celebrates all the fun of the 80’s. 

Following seasons on Broadway and across the UK, this feel-good musical features your favourite characters, and a sparkling new soundtrack that does for the 80’s what hairspray did for the 60’s.

Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s number one wedding singer and the life of the party. That is until his own fiancee strands him at the altar. Bitter and broken, Robbie begins to make every wedding as disastrous as his own until a warm-hearted waitress named Julia intervenes. Only trouble is, Julia’s about to be-you guessed it-married! Can Robbie pull off the performance of the decade and win the girl of his dreams?

Come join the party and just say YES to this joyful, romantic musical!

Casting Guidelines
  • Our mission is to assemble a cast of incredible actor singers and dancers, who have a tremendous understanding of style and genre. These special triple-threats must have an extremely strong understanding of comedy and an ability to invent and play through rehearsals as we build this new production.
  •  DVE is an equal opportunity employer who is committed to diversity and inclusion on stage and in the workplace. If you are confident you can fulfill a role’s requirements, you should apply for an audition. We strongly encourage First Nations, people of colour, neurodiverse and gender diverse artists to submit.
  •  All applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • All principal and ensemble roles will be auditioned. Successful cast members will be required to cover/under-study multiple roles.
  • Applicants must be Melbourne based for this production.
Key Dates
  • Round One Video Auditions Close | Monday 11 January 5:00pm | Open Auditions  (Extended Date)
  • Round Two Auditions | 15 – 18 January | By request only
  • Final Round Auditions | 19 – 20 January | By request only
  • Cast Photo Shoot | 8 – 13 February
  • Rehearsals Commence | From or around Tuesday 9 March
  • Performances Commence | From 5 April
Apply For An Audition

All applicants must apply using the below application form. Bookings for round two auditions will be assigned at the discretion of the creative team and you will be notified if required.


  • All candidates should submit a video presenting one pop/rock song in the style of ‘The Wedding Singer’. Songs should show off vocal ability and character.
  • Performers submitting for ensemble and/or roles with strong dance ability are welcome to submit a dance reel or short clip that demonstrates this. This is optional but not paramount for your submission.
  • Videos must be submitted as a Youtube or Vimeo link. Please no attachments.


  • 15 – 18 January
  • Solo singing and group dance calls.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted if required to attend.


  • 19 – 20 January
Creative Team
  • Director | Alister Smith
  • Choreographer | Michael Ralph
  • Music Director | Daniel Puckey

Please note: Other members of the creative team will be announced in the New Year.


Robbie Hart

The lead singer of a band. Handsome and charismatic. A truly ‘nice’ guy that has the classic lead singer aura and personality. Also a bit of a dreamer. In love with love until Linda leaves him at the altar and breaks his heart.

Gender: Male | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal range B3 – C6 | Dance Ability: Mover


Julia Sullivan

Waitress. The pretty “girl next door” in looks and personality. Engaged to Glen but falls in love with Robbie and is conflicted as to who to choose. Empathetic, caring, and brave.

Gender: Female | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal range G3 – F5 | Dance Ability: Mover


Glen Guglia

Julia’s fiancé. A Wall Street broker. He is rich, shallow, and materialistic. Constantly tries to buy Julia’s love with money. He is a bit of a womanizer.

Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 45 | Vocal range D4 – B5 | Dance ability: Strong mover/dancer



Robbie’s grandmother who raised him. Motherly but adventurous and always trying to remain “hip” despite her age.

Gender: Female | Age: 60 to 80 | Vocal range C4 – C5 | Dance ability: Strong Mover



Julia’s cousin. Sexually promiscuous and always up for a good time, but wants to be loved and is looking for romantic fulfillment in all the wrong places. She is in love with Sammy.

Gender: Female | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal range A3 – E5 | Dance ability: Strong Dancer



The bass player in the wedding band and one of Robbie’s best friends. A total guy’s guy, but beneath his pretending to love being a bachelor he is actually in love with Holly.

Gender: Male | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal range C4 – A5 | Dance ability: Mover



The wedding band’s keyboardist and one of Robbie’s best friends. He is sensitive and the foil to Sammy’s super guy attitude.

Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal range C4 – A5 | Dance ability: Mover



Robbie’s fiancé who leaves him at the altar. Keeps Robbie around as a back-up plan. Is more in love with the idea of Robbie being a rock star than she actually is with Robbie.

Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 30 | Vocal range A3 – D5| Dance ability: Mover



Julia’s conservative and overprotective mother. Is required to be an active member of the ensemble. 

Gender: Female | Age: 40+ | Vocal range C4 – C5 | Dance ability: Strong mover/dancer


Male Ensemble

Triple threat performers with great versatility who can portray a range of characters in the story. Will also be required to cover principal roles.

Age: Various | Vocal: Strong Singers| Dance: Strong Dancer


Female Ensemble

Triple threat performers with great versatility who can portray a range of characters in the story. Will also be required to cover principal roles.

Age: Various | Vocal: Strong Singer | Dance: Strong Dancer


Male and Female Swing
Triple threat performers with great versatility who will be required to cover ensemble and possibly principal roles.

Age: Various | Vocal: Strong Singer | Dance: Strong Dancer

Production Credits

Book by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy

Music by Matthew Sklar

Lyrics by Chad Beguelin

Based on the New Line Cinema film written by Tim Herlihy

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).

Presented by David Venn Enterprises Pty Ltd.

    Terms & Conditions
    • Rehearsals to commence on or around Tuesday 9 March, 2020 in Melbourne. Daily rehearsal times approx. 10:00am – 6:00pm
    • Applicants should be available for performances between Monday 5 April – Sunday 1 August, 2021
    • Touring cities: Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney
    • All applicants and successful company members will be required to adhere to strict COVID-19 safety processes and testing as outlined by the company
    • Artists must be available for the full audition period. If a performer has any restrictions, please note them on the application form
    • All applicants are required to register their interest online
    • Applicants will be required to sing and dance during second round auditions if applicable
    • All applicants must reside in Melbourne
    • Auditions are at the risk and sole financial responsibility of the applicant
    • All audition results are at the sole discretion of the creative team and company producers
    • Successful artists are required to commit to the full rehearsal and performance period
    • Artists will be contracted for run of play and paid equity minimum rates
    • All artists and representatives of artists are advised that there are no billing arrangements for any role other than what will be accorded on the title page of the program.
    • Cast members may be required to attend additional media calls which will commence as soon as the show is cast
    • All audition and casting information is strictly confidential
    • If an artist is not prepared to be engaged on these terms, they should not apply for the show